Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This isn't about OBAMA

Yes I stayed up alllllll night editing the final part of this amazing photo session. But it was good because I got a chance to stay up and watch the election unfold. No I didn't vote for Obama or McCain. I voted libiterian although I knew it was almost like voting for Obama by default, maybe he won't be that bad :). BUT it is pretty awesome that we finally have an African American president! What's next a woman? An Asian American woman? A Hispanic American? For that I am proud for our nation!

Ok so about the shoot, well this last part I didn't go to the typical downtown austin engagement shots. We went to Aaron's grandparent's house and they own a good chunck of land in Georgetown. Nikki had this idea of shooting with balloons it came out so super cute! Then while Nikki was changing Aaron told me about his treehouse that he built with his grandpa (his grandparents raised him) it was a pretty cool treehouse that I had to do a couple of shots with them in it. Came to find out that Nikki was the first (and last :) girl to be allowed in the "boy's only" treehouse.