Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding ideas/ Groomsmen gifts

~Warning~ These are not my photos. I just wanted to give some of you ladies a little wedding eye candy and possibly some ideas for your wedding. Look at the links below the photos to find out where to get these ideas...

TRASH the dress session!

Oh my gosh we had soooo much fun! We started out at the mural behind Freebirds on South Congress, I have been wanting to go there for a while then I started seeing that same location on other photographer blogs. But I still did it so there :P I figured that I still wanted to do it and it fit Ashley's personality. So I will post those later but I just had to show you the photos of her jumping into Barton Springs. We weren't suppose to do it, but it was a slow day and we went ahead and did it anyway- rebels! I also would like to thank Davielle my trusty sidekick/assistant for being there for these and helping us convince them we needed to do it!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

FREE Engagement session if you get Jones soda!!

OK Everyone! I was in Walmart today waiting to pick up my prescription and found that you could give the photo lab a photo and they would put it on a Jones Soda bottle. Well that got my wheels turning!!!

I will give a FREE Engagement session to the first bride that responds to this post and follows through with the details to follow. You would buy enough cases for all of your guest to have a bottle . Which it is cheaper if you go onto their site http://www.myjones.com/ $29.99 for a 12 pack and you can pick three different flavors/colors (you could match your wedding colors). You could use these for your first toast!!! How fun and unique would that be?

THEN on the back will be the instructions for your guests to view your photos online-because they are going to want to keep the bottle cause it is soooo super cool! So check out a fake label that I did on their site as an example...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Playing in the Magor Leauge now! YEAH

I am soooooo excited!! I am featured on Barbara's Brides blog! She is a local wedding coordinator that I recently worked with on Ashley's wedding 8/8/8. She was awesome! She went over and beyond, when things went wrong and some people didn't show to set up the reception (not Barbara's fault) she stepped in the DAY OF the wedding and set it up and it look BEAUTIFUL! She is a knot pick 2008! It was so nice to work on a wedding with a consultant! It went so much smoother than other weddings without. Also there were so many cute and personal touches that I am sure Barbara helped the bride with. So check out the link below and see my work featured on her site- HOW EXCITING!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ashley's bridal portrait - PART ONE Sneek Peek

We are going to do a trash the dress session. This is part one- we didn't quite have enough daylight to work it all out so we are going to schedule another session. I like to plan three hour bridal shoots and this time Ashley rushed after work but we still only had about 45 mins before the sun was totally gone. That is ok I think she might jump in next time!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ashley and Jeremiah's wedding - 8/8/08

This was such a fun wedding! The bride and groom were a sweet couple that didn't take anything too seriously. I totally LOVED the Super Mario brother cake!!!! I remember when we got that game as kids, my brother and I played it ALLLL day until we couldn't move our little fingers anymore! But we finally managed to defeat the mighty BOWSER! Good times!

Cordinating-Barbara's Brides
Ceremony and Reception site - Star Hill Ranch
Catering- Pok-e-jo's
Video - Wild Parrot
Transportation - Antique Limo
Floral - Last Petal